For the last two and a half years I have been using Bruce as my personal trainer 3 times a week. I am an American and must say my standards for customer service are high. At all times I found Bruce to be very honest, dependable, reliable, courteous, and very encouraging. He helped me establish goals and encouraged me to achieve them. The results of which were a huge loss of 40lbs in weight and a significant improvement in my fitness!

Susan Petinarides


“There have been many occasions when I joined a gym, went once or twice and never went again. For this reason, I didn’t have high expectations of my own ability to commit when I signed up to personal training. After three months of training with Bruce, I cannot recommend him highly enough as a trainer – not only is he extremely knowledgeable and clear in setting and explaining routines and their purposes, his sessions are targeted and enjoyable due to his constant enthusiasm. My body shape has changed, my fitness levels have improved beyond recognition and I can even run quite happily – something I have never been able to do. I have found these sessions fun and varied and, for the first time in years, I have the motivation to get to the gym regularly and I love the challenge of working towards my next training session.”

Lucy Hoysted



“Starting exercise a little later in life last year, Bruce carried out my induction. I was much heavier and older than your average ‘gym goer’ and totally unfit. Bruce never made me feel embarrassed or self-conscious but encouraged me to take step by step stages to improve my health and fitness levels. One year on, forty and four-stone lighter, my health has much improved and I feel great! This is in part due to Bruce’s encouragement and patience.”

Helen Alexander
The Gym, Associated Newspapers



I thoroughly recommend Bruce as a personal trainer. I trained with him for several months to increase upper body strength to improve my tennis game. I found the results very beneficial and his approach extremely professional.

Tim Barlass
The Gym, Associated Newspapers



“Bruce Alexander has hosted fitness sessions for London Edwardians Hockey Club for the last 2 years. A group of around 20-30 of our Hockey club members attend his weekly fitness training sessions and are put through their paces. The response to Bruce’s training has been very positive from the club, as he is a good motivator, very encouraging, and knows how to keep things interesting. I have always found Bruce to be very accommodating of the Club’s needs, he’s proactive in sorting out or rearranging and cancelled sessions, which certainly helps to remove some burden from me. Bruce is also a valued hockey player within the club and his personal fitness levels are certainly an asset to the club! We will be looking for Bruce to continue these sessions for as long as we can have him, so I hope that conveys the strength of recommendation I’d give him.”

Paula Mitchell
Chairman, London Edwardians Hockey Club