Fitness Coaching

One to one training sessions

Sport specific coaching sessions-Speed, Strength, Agility and Functional Movements Sports team’s fitness sessions

Group training- up to 3

Nutritional guidance

Food diary analysis

Bench mark evaluation testing

Improved flexibility

Family exercise sessions

Holiday programs

Boxing / Speed training / Dynamics …

There are some real basic elements that will make you achieve your ultimate goal. Make sure these elements are fulfilled and you WILL succeed.
* GOALS-Short Term(1-3 Months) and Long term (3- 12 months) goals. Make sure these goals are measurable. (Lose BF%, decrease in inches, weight loss etc)
* Action Plan– This is how together we make your goals a reality
* Motivational Factors– Reasons you are willing to change- holiday,wedding,health etc.
* Daily Priorities – to make exercise as important as any other priorities- work meetings, pick up kid’s etc.
* Regular Measurements– as part of the benefits of PT, you will have regular measurements to monitor your progress.
* Structured Exercise Plans– FITT Principals- all program plans will follow strict (appropriate) intensity levels to ensure you are on track to achieve goals set out.
* Periodised Training Regimes– programs will be periodised to make sure that you never plateau and ensure every session has maximum benefit.
* Balanced Diet (nutrition) – nutrition plays a key part in any lifestyle change. Food Diaries will help me analyse the key areas that will need to be addressed.

You can only do it if you try…
I have a simple philosophy to achieving fitness and wellbeing: just move. Simple movements and structure is the start to achieving whatever you need to. Sessions are kept simple, yet are still intensive enough to help you achieve your fitness/health goals.
I could help you be more flexible, improve your posture, improve your strength, lose weight and much more, personal training should be available to anyone serious about their health. I will help you achieve your goal -whatever it is.