Lifestyle Assessment

The goal is to find a Balance between Work and Leisure and between Activity and Rest. It is not essential to eliminate stress, but to ensure sufficient recovery and find a manageable and realistic balance to life.

Lifestyle Assessment evaluates various stress factors, sufficiency of recovery, quality of sleep and the health and fitness
effects of physical activity. Based on the results, concrete action points and recommendations are provided.

Lifestyle Assessment is used to recognise early signs of stress or sympathetic overload(Burn out) and to focus individualised action points more effectively,motivate you to make lifestyle changes, reduce stress, improve recovery strategies and improve fitness and training regimes.



Managing your body resources

•Demonstrate factors that affect well-being at work and during leisure.
•Find a balance between doing and being active versus rest and recovery.
•Control stress, aid recovery, exercise right, achieve exercise goals– to become more resilient.

Key Areas
– Stress and Recovery Over View
– Lifestyle Inspection
– Body Resources
– Training Effect
– Training Load
– Calorie Expenditure/Breakdown
– Quality/Length of Sleep and Recovery

Understanding your bodies resources will help prevent both mental and physical BURN OUT.